About Us


Who we are

Memagi Medical Imports PLC is the distributor of renowned healthcare equipment brands Philips Healthcare & Carl Zeiss in Ethiopia. We specialize in the import, installation, as well as after-sales service of MRIs, CT Scans, Ultrasounds, C-Arms, Digital X-Rays, Ophthalmic devices, etc.

Memagi was founded in 2014 by two Ethiopians, a Physician (OB-GYN-ONCOLOGY) as well as an Electrical Engineer who have extensive knowledge of & experience in the Ethiopian healthcare industry.

The duo recognised the dire need of the Ethiopian public to get access to high quality diagnostics and healthcare, and hence set out to establish the firm.


Memagi Medical Imports’ staff is comprised of highly qualified management & engineering personnel with international academic/work experience as well as certifications to manage, install & service clients’ needs and healthcare equipment.

Memagi strives to deliver top of the line medical equipment accompanied by excellent service, with the ultimate goal of improving health and wellness of citizens.